Some People Just Give It Away

Before your assumptions make a hard left in the wrong direction please know I am not talking about sex, books or money.

I may be guilty of giving away the aforementioned but this post relates to donating body fluid; lifesaving liquid. The stuff mosquitoes, bedbugs, lice and ticks take without asking.

Literally your lifeblood.

Did you know you can donate (aka sell) plasma and keep your cells? That’s right, the red and white blood cells along with the platelets are returned to you during the process and a little stipend for your trouble.

The last I heard the pay was about $30 per donation. It usually takes two hours so hey, that’s fifteen bucks an hour. Not bad for a part time job. Most facilities allow you (even encourage you) to donate twice a week. That’s like what… $60 a week… $240 a month. Shoot, during months with five weeks you could earn as much as $270!

Some people I know [honestly] supplement their income this way and then some people just give it away.

Donating a pint of whole blood is less time consuming and pays much less. The average payout for whole blood is $0.00. Yeah, that is definitely not a way to supplement your income. I personally prefer to donate, not because of time constraints but because it makes me feel better… like a philanthropist. Maybe they’ll put that in my obituary.

Yes I donated blood today, hence the reason for this post. I left the bus smiling a juice mustache smile with a package of Nutter Butter cookie bites feeling like I saved the world.

If you are a donor reach around and pat yourself on the back. You’ve saved a life or at least improved someone’s health.

Please also consider your own health and the possible side effects of frequent plasma donation.

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