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Now, about the books…

The Clan Destiny Series is my longest work of fiction. The series has been described as “A new adult sci-fi fantasy romance with enough murder, mystery and magic to keep you reading.”

Clan Destiny Book I

BOOK 1 COVER with title

Between the Rage & Grace: Three women, three very different backgrounds and the roads that all lead to one place, somewhere Between the Rage and Grace.

In a small hospital, in a rural Texas town a peculiar camaraderie is evolving. Clara O’Bromley, fresh out of college is assigned to ICU which is no small feat. Clara has her supervisor, Linda Latrull to thank for that, and for placing her under the direction of a foul-mouthed debutante named Maggie Turner. Maggie is happy to take the young nurse under her wing until she learns that Clara can read more than EKG’s. Clara herself is unaware of this ability until she sees into the past, a past that Maggie and Linda both have gone to great lengths to hide.

Clan Destiny Book II

BOOK 2 PRINT EDITION 2016Where it all began… and how it all went wrong.

Behind the Rage is the prequel to Between the Rage & Grace and spans thirty years of history between Mary Magdalene, a damaged recluse and the gregarious Vivian Cature. The youths bond instantly at Saint Anthony’s orphanage. But friendship goes awry and the bonds made as best friends become weapons of destruction when mixed with magic and envy in a sordid love triangle.



Clan Destiny Book III

1st pick CLAN DESTINY BOOK JANNA HILL (632x1024)Love and supernatural abilities are flourishing as the clan grows larger, but sorrow and malevolence are never far away.

Unjustified Favor is the third book in this series. Picking up where book one left off and continuing with the O’Bromley, Turner and Latrull families sorting through secrets, dealing with death and suspended in the supernatural.




Clan Destiny Book IV

4 Cloud Wrangler Cici and Gus - Copy-001 (494x800)

Cloud Wrangler takes the Clan Destiny series to a new level, literally!
Book IV expounds the mystery and the history of the enigmatic Duffy MacDougal, the woman he loved and the daughter no one knew he had.
Have you ever wondered what is on the other side of a dream, if angels are real or what a rainbow looks like up close?
Cecilia knows.
Meet more members of the clan in Cloud Wrangler Book IV in the Clan Destiny series.



Getting Me Back (The Voices Within)

May 17 2017

Looking back: It is like sitting in the third row seat of an old station wagon, staring ahead at the road behind you…
It is not enough to sit in the front seat and see where you were going — you didn’t know anyway.
To understand how you got here you have to look at where you have been.
In that third row seat facing backwards you might be tempted to stare at the floorboard or the marks on your shoes or the stripes on the asphalt that never seem to end, but don’t.
To understand you must look up, look back and accept the scenery for what it was.
When the pain and fury and fear rise up –remember it is only a hill in the distance, you have already passed over. That queasy feeling in your stomach is no more than a sour memory.

Don’t have much time to read? Okay. Here are a few of the short stories…

August Wolf

AUGUST WOLF BOOK COVER titles (786x1280).jpgA young man desperate for work and independence finds himself employed in a rural nursing home.

When young Jason gets too close to a resident (a self-proclaimed KGB spy who is under the watchful eye of an agent known only as Chandler) he finds his only way out is in.

Based on a true story.


Short Stories & Such

Short Stories & Such is a tantalizing anthology of the best shorts.

Following a four star review of Once Upon a Dead Gull one of Amazon’s top 500 reviewers had this to say, “As Janna/Joe Hill notes in her final chapter, “Could you…would you dare to know me?” The vignettes in this collection all concern themselves with that border between life and death. This is the liminal state where souls confuse their place on that line. These are small stories , but strike that eerie part of our lives. Would you know yourself?”

Smoke Free


Irwin Smutter is an outcast, a socially unacceptable nasty cigarette smoker. Irwin seeks out a cessation expert, a dispassionate hypnotist who cures him while revealing cigarettes are the least of his problems.




Roses From Ishmael

ROSES FROM ISHMAEL (263x400)Torn from the pages of Short Stories & Such:

Roses From Ishmael is a short thriller by Janna Hill.

The story of a man in love, a grief stricken man; an anguished and tormented soul but tormented by what?



Once Upon a Dead Gull

Once Upon a Dead Gull Cover (420x640).jpgEveryone dies. It’s the morbid curiosity of when and how that makes horror so enticing.

Once Upon a Dead Gull is a combined work of short stories and flash fiction.

Spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with seagulls and more to do with what is real and what isn’t.


The Perpetual Series

PERPETUAL THE SERIES 2017Perpetual Darkness is told from the man’s perspective; this is his side of the story: Max Hubbard is a drifter and like most transients he prefers living a life of anonymity. That is until he lays eyes on Abigail. “He merely followed his instinct, not giving any thought as to why he watched her.”

Perpetual Spring is told from the woman’s point of view; this is her side of the story: After being forced into early retirement Abigail leaves Missouri and settles in the quiet countryside of La Grange. It’s in this sleepy landscape she finds herself strangely attracted to the man who is watching her. “Some might consider him a stalker but she preferred to think of him as a guardian of sorts.”

A Hard Candy Christmas

HARD CANDY Christmas.jpgExpounding on the original short story, Hard Candy with Strudel and Tea. After a holiday wrought with tragedy, Kathy finds herself desperate, crippled and depressed with only her old companion, Strudel, to see her through. Until…




Door Number Four

Door Number IIII (788x1280).jpg

Donald S. Crowley was a CPA by day; a bean counter; a number cruncher and a certified bore. By night he was as stimulating as the hero in his latest read with all the social skills of a brick and to make matters worse he was in love with a door. Not just any door, number four was special. Her alluring smile had caught Donald’s eye when he was just a boy and she called him by name. Despite years of therapy and medications she still called to him. Now he would risk his life to see her again and to finally know what lay behind Door Number IIII.


Savannah Dawn

savannah dawn coverEvery young girl has dreams. Some dream of being a super model or a nurse, a doctor or a fireman, a teacher, a writer or a rock star. Savannah Dawn has dreams too. But she mostly dreams of a life without nightmares.




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