TBT (A Poem & A Picture)

A Little More Time was written in 1980 something, originally published in Pose Prose & Poems in 1998 and republished in the 2017  poetic memoir called Getting Me Back

A Little More Time

There’s an eagle out there soaring

And my best friend is out whoring

Turning tricks of any kind

Doing anything to make a dime

God forgive her for the crime

All she needs is a little more time.

On the roof three stories high

A junky cries and begs to die

Ain’t had a fix in several days

Swears he can’t go on this way

Across the street a church bell chimes

Grant us please a little more time.

An old man sick and dying

Alone with no one crying

He grieves for all the pain he’s caused

For all the people that he’s lost

Outside the window painted mimes

All rushing for a little more time

A woman labors down the hall

Her anguish echoes through the wall

But soon a laughter takes its place

When she looks upon the baby’s face

For a moment all is sublime

As we are given a little more time

Tuesday’s Tell-All (I’m Just Not that Good at Being Smart)

I tend to lag in technology, often years behind the rest of the civilized world. I never claimed to be tech-savvy or even civilized, okay?

Truth is I only got a “smart phone” this year for lack of choices. I went kicking and screaming into the “smart” realm with no intention of using it for more than basics.

After a few months [eight really] I installed the Facebook app. Apparently you need a second app for Messenger so I hit the okay/install that too button.

Alright. Welcome to the year 2017.

So there I was creeping Facebook on my desktop, minding my own business while the app did its thing and suddenly I am bombarded with alarms. The phone started chiming erratically,  messages were rolling in with GIFs and crazy stickers and emoji’s. At the same time my cousin is texting me, asking if I just sent her something.

No! Oh hell, this demon possessed phone has a mind of its own!

To make a long [list of deleting apps] story short… My daughter explained the particularly bothersome app; how Messenger notifies your Facebook contacts with a suggestion to wave/interact.


Well I waved bye to most of the apps and went back to using the phone as a paperweight.


I understand now why people are glued to their devices. Bless their hearts, I’m just not that good at being smart.



TBT (Summer Blowout)

Summer Blowout

Throw Back Thursday just became Rollback Thursday.

Remember (fifty or 100 years ago) when you could buy books for .25¢ to .99¢

Well we’ve partnered with Google Books/Google Play so you can throw it back to the good ole days.

When the chief suggested these penny sales (I’m talking 25¢, 33¢, 49¢, 54¢, 78¢ and 99¢ books) I was like, Whoa. I don’t think you can do that.





When he assured me we could indeed, I was quite amused.





So it appears we are slashing prices and doing away with dollar$ for the entire month of August. I know it’s cRaZy but it also makes cents.











Now if Starbucks would follow suit…