From Port Lavaca to Rockport-Fulton & Back

Four weeks into the aftermath of Hateful Harvey – – the hurricane from hell.

If you have ever visited/lived in the Texas Coastal Bend you know how charming it was… how charming it will be again!

Yes, Harvey wreaked havoc, destroyed homes, businesses and even lives but he did not break the spirit!

harvey landfall august 25 017
There was so much more to photograph. There were weary folks still digging through the ruble, swatting at mosquitoes and pausing to cry. The locals and volunteers shared kinship and friendship and displayed such gratitude for the simplistic things; basic items like trash bags, bug spray, and gloves – things we tend to take for granted on an average day.


Sorry, I did not have the heart to pick up a camera in those seconds of pained expressions amidst devastation – the ones that make for cover worthy photos. I simply lived in the moment and tried not to infringe upon their privacy or their grief.

The Working Man (A Labor of Love)

Happy Labor Day to the muscles, masses, heartbeats, sweat and backbones that make America great.

With all the troubles and tension felt in today’s USA y’all deserve to relax and be recognized.

However I must say  as tough as it sometimes seems I believe this country has certainly seen worse. Our predecessors and ancestors would probably attest to that. As a matter of fact The Sharecropper’s Son, though written as fiction was based on such history.

As many of you already know The Sharecropper’s Son was inspired by a photograph (and a few stories) of my husband’s late grandfather who was indeed a sharecropper in Navarro County, Texas. That is him on the cover dressed in his “Sunday best”.  My work is not always as grueling or strenuous as that of the ‘blue collar’ man but it is  a labor of love nonetheless . If you haven’t read The Sharecropper’s Son yet, today is a good day to start.

All eyes were on Wall Street, but truth be told, the market crash paled in comparison to the Navarro County drought.

Between the stock market crash, a rich man’s greed and the Navarro County drought an indentured slave is left with few choices. Jamison Baines Weir is born the son of a sharecropper where hard times and sorrow are a way of life. It is a way of life Jamie never questions until famine and malice force him to leave the dying farm and follow a path that leads to murder and mystery.

#God Bless Texas (Thankful Thursday)

Corpus Christi (about 90 miles SW) reportedly came away with minor damage.

Rockport (about 50 miles SW) suffered major damage, Vice President Pence and Governor Greg Abbot visited today.

Houston (120 miles NE) was inundated with record amounts of rain and heart rending fatalities.

In my neck of the woods the city is in restoration; making progress with power, water and sanitation. Some homes and businesses will need to repair or rebuild, most piers are gone, shorelines and beaches have been permanently altered but our little fishing shack was spared with minimal damage. I am thankful.


I am also thankful for the outpouring support from so many wonderful people from all walks of life, counties and states.

We are staying in East Texas now but we’ll be heading south when the roads clear and the fuel panic simmers down. You know that fridge is stinking!

Hopefully we [too] will be able to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate.

For The Impact of Hurricane Harvey in Pictures visit The Stream

*(distance from our little place outside Port Lavaca TX.)