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Getting Me Back- The Voices Within 2 (897x1280)

Getting Me Back is scheduled to release March 31st 2017 just in time for National Poetry Month. You can pre-order now.

Thoughts on Getting Me Back
Looking back: It is like sitting in the third row seat of an old station wagon, staring ahead at the road behind you…
It is not enough to sit in the front seat and see where you were going — you didn’t know anyway.
To understand how you got here you have to look at where you have been.
In that third row seat facing backwards you might be tempted to stare at the floorboard or the marks on your shoes or the stripes on the asphalt that never seem to end, but don’t.
To understand you must look up, look back and accept the scenery for what it was.
When the pain and fury and fear rise up — remember it is only a hill in the distance, you have already passed over. That queasy feeling in your stomach is no more than a sour memory. 



August Wolf is now available as a tiny little paperback– it is so cute.

The title is also currently in production as an audiobook scheduled to release this spring.

Listen to the audition sample narrated by S. Scott Berger.


Synopsis: A young man desperate for work and independence finds himself employed in a rural nursing home.
When young Jason gets too close to a resident (a self-proclaimed KGB spy who is under the watchful eye of an agent known only as Chandler) he finds his only way out is in.
Based on a true story.

What do ya think about that?

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