I Object!

I Object!!

Objection overruled. get attched

Now grab a paperclip and get attached. 😉

You are hereby lawfully subjected to more photos of Mia the Pocket Puppy, aka my current obsession object of affection. The versatile pocket puppy (suitable for all ages) can also be used as a sock puppy. Unlike a sock puppet Mia can speak for herself.  AND [this is the fun part] she eats, cries, bites, pees, poops and barks just like a real puppy.

Prompted by the weekly photo challenge: Object

“Just Pose”

“The photo challenge this week is juxtaposition. To juxtapose… as in placing two or more things side by side but for creative reasons let’s really look for contrast.” That’s all I said…

See what happens when you ask for input in my house? You get puppies nestled in pockets, a monkey riding a bobcat and me hiding behind a bunch of balloons. Oh, I tossed in the photo of the bee but it’s an old shot. We’ll consider that juxtaposed to the new.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition