HaPpY Earth Day

Good Night Earth

Acorns wrapping on the roof
Rhythmic as a horses hoof
The oaks are dancing soft and slow
Taking rest to later grow

The winds are singing through the trees
Turn loose you leafs, the ground needs feed
The sun retreats, withholds her light
Making for a longer night

The flowers too have made their bed
And soon will sleep with petals shed
Sleep tight nature, goodnight earth
I’ll see you at spring time’s birth.

Excerpt from Pose Prose & Poems (My Thoughts Exactly)

Thanks to Linda Roper the audiobook was released in time for National Poetry Month.

Side note: This is Linda’s audiobook debut. Imagine a British actress narrating southern poetry, better yet listen. I, myself was pleasantly surprised.

Out To Lunch

Have you ever wanted to take a really long break and just go somewhere quiet? Well then you should!
The last 365 days have been some of the saddest, most glorious, bittersweet and craziest days I have ever seen. I’m talking the bat-shit crazy kind of stuff people write books about.
Someone just handed me a Welcome to Planet Earth sign. Aww bless your heart. I have a sign too. Out To Lunch


… Seriously it is time for a little hiatus. I’ll be roaming somewhere between my garden and the ocean.  If you see me say hey but please do not call the psych ward. I will only escape again. In the mean time I’ll try to post a picture or two [or ten] on Wednesdays. And by the way have a fabulous Memorial Day!

The Rewards of Spontaniety

Last week my husband phoned form work at 7:30 A.M and said “start packing.” I didn’t question him I just threw a few suits of clothing into a suitcase along with the laptop and camera, gathered up the dog’s bare essentials and waited. He had been talking about heading south when October’s first cold front came through to do a little fishing but his work schedule did not look agreeable. Apparently something changed and he seized the moment.

“Carpe diem!” I said. “I don’t care for Carp – I’m after a Redfish.” He replied with a wink.

I think know he dreams of catching a trophy Red.

Within thirty minutes he has his 16 foot 1957 aluminum boat hooked up and ready to roll. We have a skiff but he likes that old dinghy. Anyway seven hours later we are standing in the salty breeze assessing the conditions. The tide, the wind, the weeds and the water temperature. Fishing is very serious business, that’s why I usually leave it to him. Thank goodness a cousin showed up to keep him company on the water while I undertook the tasks of reading and snapping pictures. All in the name of research of course.

Taking off on a whim is something we haven’t done in a very long time and you know what? I loved it!

These are the rewards of spontaneity