A Poem & A Picture (Day 3)


By Brod Bagert

They came like dewdrops overnight
Eating every plant in sight,
Those nasty worms with legs that crawl
So creepy up the garden wall,
Green prickly fuzz to hurt and sting
Each unsuspecting living thing.
How I hate them! Oh, you know
I’d love to squish them with my toe.
But then I see past their disguise,
Someday they’ll all be butterflies.


Okay I know this caterpillar will turn into a  moth. A Polyphemus moth to be exact but shhh she thinks she’s a butterfly.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Renewal… replenish, regenerate, rejuvenate or restore…
This week’s photo challenge was indeed a mental test, for me anyway. I considered a photograph of me in a warm tub of bubbles recharging my chakra with a glass of champagne but no such photo exits. I know that to be true because I rarely bathe and my chakra eloped with a bottle of Brut one dead winter night many Decembers’ ago.
There are a few photos of hubby napping in his recliner that seemed fitting but he wasn’t too fond of the idea. It’s not that I caught him drooling and snores can’t be heard in a snapshot. I think he’s concerned people will think he is Salman Rushdie and send a rocket into our living room. That or ask him for an autograph. He would prefer the rocket.
So with the first two options off of the table I mulled over the theme again.
Renewal… replenish, regenerate, rejuvenate or restore…
My thoughts continually returned to Spring, the natural season of renewal. To new blooms and young butterflies, abandoned cocoons and Cicada’s emerging. So I rummaged through my jump drives, blew off the digital dust and here you have it. My take on this week’s photo challenge: renewal.