The Start of Something Wonderful

A wintry daybreak, a delightful fruitcake and a fire I made for myself…

I know starting a fire [intentionally] is not really a big deal unless you’re me and not everyone loves fruitcakes unless they’re family. By the way why are we expected to love the crazies we just so happen to be related to? I don’t know but I honestly do adore a real fruitcake. Fruitcakes need love too.

I have never pawned a loved one off, hid them out of sight or used them for a doorstop like some individuals will ashamedly do. You know I’m still talking about the cake right? As far as kinfolks…

I left a cousin in front of a Las Vegas liquor store in 1988. He worked there as a doorstop until he got too old to squat now he works part time at the newsstand as a paperweight. No, really! It’s a wonderful job – it just doesn’t pay anything. I think he is beginning to realize that. At least he can start a fire.

It seems even the dumbest sexiest men are mini MacGyver’s.  My husband (who is smart and handsome) can ignite a blaze using only his thumbnail and a gnawed wet toothpick.  I on the other hand need sixty-eight ounces of starter fluid, the Sunday paper, two wax logs and a large box of kitchen matches. Accidents and burning bridges does not count. Well that’s how it use to be. As you can see I’m better now. “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

I didn’t coin that phrase, heck I didn’t even invent fire but upon seeing the beautiful purple sky I knew a change in weather was occurring. A cold front that could challenge my lady MacGyver skills and I am happy to tell you I fared well under such pressure.  With a bundle of twigs and a mere twitch of the nose the fireplace was aglow. Okay, the bic and gasoline might have spurred the small conflagration but still it was the start of something wonderful.

Prompted by a cake sent from India (thank you Joseph), a cold front and this weeks photo challenge: Beginning

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

A few shots from last weeks trip to the southern end of the Colorado River. It was a welcomed change except for the cold front, I could’ve done without that. Thankfully the chilly gloom was short lived.