This Day In History

This may be why I can’t get anything done.

I was doing a little research and got sidetracked. It happens.
According to HistoryOrb on October 29, 1988 China announced a herbal male contraceptive. Ironically (is that irony?) I was urr-umm [Kids cover your ears] – conceiving.
Apparently the papaya seeds were not a big hit.
So now, it is one of those mornings where research turns into reflection.

Although we have three other children, this is the baby, the caboose, the one made on this day in history and I can’t help but ponder.

Where did the years go… James A. Hill
Why won’t he let me rock him to sleep any more… James Polaris shot4

or comb his hair… Baby boy blushes so easilyor at least find him a wife so he doesn’t have to live alone…