Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 In Pictures

This weeks photo challenge is titled My 2012 in Pictures but what I offer is not really mine.

Have you ever ran by the deli and grabbed something for a potluck dinner, plopped it into a bowl, squished it around and hoped people might believe that you made it yourself? Well, me neither but this feels like that scenario might IF I had a clue about such things.  I want to offer up something for such a feast but I am still on holiday [aka away from my satchel of jump drives] so in lieu of my 2012 pictures I am posting a link to the Dallas Morning News  2012 Year in Review by Michael Hamtil/Photo Editor. This may seem like a cheat but I have a written excuse.

Please excuse me Janna Hill for her semi-lame participation in this weeks photo challenge. She is away on holiday.