The Gift I Mentioned

If you are a mother, had a mother or love a mother – Happy Mother’s Day Y’all!!

This is my gift to you, my family, friends and followers and please – share it with everyone you know and love.

The newest release of More Short Stories & Such.

More Short Stories & Such (731x1024)

About More:

More Short Stories & Such is the newest compilation of short stories and flash fiction written by Janna Hill.    This anthology contains all of the short favorites including the newest (2017) release August Wolf, the acclaimed Door Number Four, Once Upon a Dead Gull and many ‘more’. The stories range from heart rending to heart racing; from fantasy to bizarre.

You’re Welcome.  😀

NaPoWriMo & Nell (A Poem & A Picture)

Do you all remember the 1994 movie about a strange girl named Nell who seems to speak her own language? Liam Neeson finds her (Jodi Foster) living alone in a cabin somewhere in the beautiful backwoods of North Carolina. He is amused by her, befriends her and through his study we learn the reason for Nell’s unique dialect.

(Get/watch the movie here if you’re interested.) NELL

Nell was a good movie and NaPoWriMo is a good way of assuring us that poetry [the good, bad and the ugly] will live on – at least for a few more years.

So what does one topic have to do with the other? A couple of things. One, poetry (or NaPoWriMo) is like the movie Nell – most people love it or hate it and two, when I say NaPoWriMo I think of Nell. Sometimes I start waving like a tree in the wind with my arms extended as if they were branches; dancing uninhibited and speaking in Nellish, Tay ina wininna t’ee inna way… T’ee an me an t’ee an me, Reesa, reesa, reesa me. Chicka, chicka, chickabee.

And then some killjoy disrupts me with a reality check:

This is Janna card

Janna is not Nell, she is not a tree... and she has no rhythm.

 Oh well: doana kee chickabee, NaPoWriMo mos owe stee tie. Two we main.

Translation: don’t cry chickadee baby, National Poetry Writing Month is almost over  – or you still have time. Two weeks remain.

* Getting Me Back (The Voices Within) released this month and is available in digital or paperback. AND as a small token of my appreciation I have arranged for Clan Destiny Book I and Book II to be available without charge via Kindle April 14th and 15th.  An honest review would not hurt my feelings. 😉

Tune in next week for more #NPM.

A Small Token of My Appreciation


#1Unconsecrated Visions Savannah Dawn 2017 cover

Savannah Dawn (Unconsecrated Visions)

As a small token of my appreciation for you all the e-book is free this weekend at Amazon AND it looks like the audiobook is marked down to $1.99 right now. I have no say in the audiobook price but I will tell you Kelley Mack does a great job narrating this weird little short story.

P.S. If  you want to leave an honest review it won’t hurt my feelings.

P.S.S. Feel free to share the love.

Oops, My bad (The Consolation Prize)

It has been brought to my attention that I did say I would offer a consolation prize for those not winning the giveaway of Behind the Rage in trade paperback by running a free kindle promo of said title. I realize [now] that the giveaway was over in May and I have had more than a month to list the free kindle version.    I won’t insult you by saying I thought I did or with excuses of how busy I’ve been or that I’ve had a debilitating sinus infection although I do have a doctor’s excuse and receipts for Kleenex to prove it. I won’t bore you with my short term memory problems or the possible onset of dementia…

I’ll just say Oops, my bad, I’m sorry and I’m gonna do it right now. It should be showing up on Amazon as $0.00 starting Tuesday July 10th – Saturday July 14th. If not then just go ahead and shoot me with your nerf gun.

And seriously I want to say, Thank you all for your support and patience.

Pomegranates, Publicity & Prosperity

Ancient Egyptians reportedly considered the pomegranate as a symbol of prosperity. I haven’t researched the information yet to know if one must eat the fruit, own the tree or simply hold one in their possession to be prosperous. Surely worship of the seedy little crop is not required…. if so I shall have to remain not so prosperous. On the other hand I would consume as many as need be. Honestly, I don’t have much faith in pomegranates other than their health benefits.

I do however have some faith in publicity which is the sole purpose of this post, to make readers aware of the current promotions.

Perpetual Spring, a short little twisted story is free via Kindle through Sunday June 17th.

Interior Verse Plus Pose Prose and Poems, a diverse collection of “wicked poetry” is also free via Kindle through Sunday June 17th 2012.

The Goodreads giveaway of Between the Rage and Grace has started and will end July 15th 2012. The promotion is open to multiple countries.

P.S. I’m sorry for the late notification on the Kindle freebies that started Friday. I was out of town and quiet bummed by the passing of a dear family member. I’ll try to improve on the publicity aspect and keep a pomegranate on hand. Maybe we’ll all prosper 🙂

The Wild Pomegranate photo by Janna Hill