Little Man (Meditation Monday)

It’s time to go to bed little man

Cover up your head little man

I’ll see you when the sun breaks in the morn.

Say your prayers and close your eyes,

I’ve locked the monsters all outside,

She’d sang those words to him since he was born.

He grew to be a brave young lad

And followed after his ole dad

Beneath a flag of pride his oath was sworn.

They brought him home in silk lined wood,

And all around him soldiers stood,

While Butterfield’s Lullaby played on the horn.

It’s time to go ahead little man,

I know that you weren’t scared little man,

My heart breaks I can’t see you and I mourn.

I’ve said my prayers for your closed eyes,

I’ve tucked my feelings deep inside… She sang into a folded flag of thorns.

Little Man from Getting Me Back.

A Hard Candy Christmas


The photo used for this cover was taken in February 2010. I was so excited to find it and knew right away it belonged to A Hard Candy Christmas . Don’t you just love finding things you forgot you had?

I think [if I can remember] I will make Christmas cards from some of the others.

This 99¢ short story is (so far) available at Apple, Amazon, Google, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

I have no photo of my head in the sand, which would be appropriate while admitting I do not want to deal with my current reality. My mother is ill… critically ill and I am a “mama’s girl” which I admit without shame.

She is/has always been my touchstone, my constant reminder to move forward despite obstacles, my assurance that ‘this too shall pass’… Tonight she lays in an Intensive care unit fighting for her life  and I long for a quiet place in a green meadow beneath a sunrise to remind me how marvelous nature is even as life takes its course . Pleading to the heavens not now… not now. Let me sit on the green meadow and meditate on the rising sun of hope. Let me find the courage to endure whatever the future holds. I can hear her gentle whisper,”Keep your obligations. Move on and do not look back except for a glimpse and a smile.”


Longing for serenity

I am trying  mother. And here is my submission for this weeks photo challenge : Escape.

She Was… (A tribute to my Aunt)

She was… A giant spirit dwelling in a sassy petite frame and I once dreamed of being short like her.

She was… My first cab ride downtown because [though she was courageous] she never conquered her fear of driving.

She was… An angel who treated my first hangover like a bona fide sickness with tender mercy.

She was… The first to plant the seed in a young girl’s mind that one day she could be a writer and thirty five years later said “I told you so.”

She was… In my heart, a friend… a sister… a confidant and a mother

She was…  My Aunt Gloria

     ~~~And today my heart breaks for a spirit that will be so thoroughly missed~~~

Photo by SKG ~ The Last Trip to the Lake

Happy Birthday and R.I.P Gloria Ann  –  June 13, 1943 – June 13, 2012