Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

For this weeks photo challenge Beyond I didn’t have to go much further than my porch. I snapped these shots of the boys as they drove through the field, a little faster with each pass until they were outside my comfort zone. Once they were on foot I put the camera away and left them to their explorations. I leave you with a little ditty summing up ‘Beyond’.

Beyond my lens, beyond the grins a young man’s confidence blooms

Beyond the tress, beyond the fence…  yonder mischief looms

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

For this weeks weekly photo challenge (Growth) I chose a plant. I’ve watched this Asian Jasmine make its way up the oak tree beside my porch for some time now. This type of plant is usually considered to be an invasive species but that’s not the case for mine. Nope, my little darling has been inching its way outward and struggling upward for over twenty years now.  I love the slow growing, non-blooming persistent little pest because it reminds me of myself somehow.

Old plant – New growth