Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

I know I’m running the weekly photo challenges back to back. A little something in between would probably make for a better reading experience but I am in a hurry. Preparing for a weekend camping trip should not be this complicated and finding a sitter for a smart alack, socially inept chihuahua should not be so difficult.

We have become entirely too indulgent. I suggested to the mister we travel with nothing, relying on our natural abilities and make that damn chihuahua catch us a squirrel or something. Yeah, he’s still laughing.

So here are my recent shots for the Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

This week’s photo challenge is titled FORWARD not foreword as in preface, prologue or introduction although I am prone to confuse the two or is it too? It’s two.

The pictures should convey what forward means to the photographer. I considered a covenant i.e. a contract or an agreement (since I couldn’t use an overview) but those definitions didn’t inspire a snapshot. Maybe an advance like a picture of a million dollar check? Yeah, right. How about the front of an object? No that won’t do. Think (I said to self) forward as in opposite of reverse. And voila! It was as simple as going for a ride.