A Poem & A Picture (Meditation for the Silence of Morning)


Poem by Adam Clay

I wake myself imagining the shape

of the day and where I will find

myself within it. Language is not often

in that shape,

but sentences survive somehow

through the islands of dark matter,

the negative space often more important

than the positive.

Imagine finding you look at the world

completely different upon waking one day.

You do not know if this is permanent.

Anything can change, after all,

for how else would you find yourself

in this predicament or this opportunity

depending on the frame? A single thought

can make loneliness seem frighteningly new

We destroy the paths of rivers to make room for the sea.

A Little Visit to The Big Easy

Update on my hiatus.

It had been more than a few years since I visited the Big Easy so it was time to  see how she’d changed and stir up a bit of nostalgia and a ghost or two.

After a brief run through the French Quarter and down to Jackson Square [I was on a tight schedule] I must say from what I saw not much has changed. Unless you count the ramp up in police presence. I’ve never seen so many officers of the law in one place – it was kind of scary.

I didn’t have any warrants under my current name so I was like what the heck, let’s party. And we did.

ROX5C33 (1024x683)

You just don’t know how close I was to taking a ride on this adorable  pony. I would have too if that nosy NOPD mounted officer hadn’t threatened to give me a ride to the jailhouse. I stepped up in the stirrup and said okay, lets ride.  He called a state trooper in an SUV. My loyal companions intervened and we ran.

DSC_0168 (1024x1005)

We laid down on the street, pretended to be passed out and they rode right past us. We’re so clever.