This Aint No Shangri – La

With the recent rain in this area of Texas the ground is finally saturated blessing us with new blooms, mushrooms and a fresh ration of mosquitoes.

As I frolic in a sun drenched oak savannah dotted with Crepe Myrtle blossoms I imagine paradise. That is until the growing hum of hungry vampires converge upon me and I find myself running for shelter while Don Henley lyrics (Shangri – La) play over and over in my head. This ain’t no Shangri – La (hmm-hmm). Nobody Knows no Shangri -La (hmm-hmm).

Thanks to the weekly photo challenge for prompting this exploit.

Autumns Approach

In this part of Texas we are enjoying some milder temperatures. The mornings are in the mid 60’s range and a dewy haze  fills the forest that is my front yard. I spotted a few green acorns this evening and understood Autumn is approaching.  Panic was my first reaction for there are many goals unmet. But if just for today I shall sigh and think on the beauty of the first green acorn I’ve found, remembering they are the start of a mighty oak.

The Beginning of a Mighty Oak