I’m Baaack (As the World Turns)

I’m baaack and damn glad too.

I say that with a smile.

The adventure was certainly enjoyable. It was entertaining and enlightening…  and what’s another word that starts with e? 


Yeah! Well, that’s all screwed up. Can you say Mal de debarquement syndrome ? MDDS is a type of vertigo that [rarely] occurs after stepping off a cruise ship

Whew! It is hard to type while hanging onto (or on to) the arm of a chair — it feels like a fun-house up in here!

So as the world turns I have summed up my trip with a poem and pictures.

I love water…


and sunsets…

and leisurely trips.

And I love being on land

0 it is good to be home (673x1024)

 more than  living on ships.

A Poem & A Picture (Skeletal Beliefs)

Hard to believe this young poet is barely eighteen years old.

Skeletal Beliefs

by Miranda Krase

SILHOUTTE (1024x642)

This skeletal figure dances in the dark shadows of the night.

Trapped. Waiting for her partner,

She dances in hopes of his return,

Content to be waiting forevermore.

…And waiting she shall remain.


A faithful wife to a dead life,

A future now no more.

I don’t have the heart,

To look upon her brokenness,

Her empty face, same as mine.


An ever flowing river,

Comes from our skeleton eyes.

If only I could tell her the truth,

It won’t save her…

But could it save me?

A Day In Pictures

You may [or may not] have noticed that I am still Out to Lunch but here are a few shots of how I’m spending my time. I’d like to tell you I’m working on an important writing project but you’d probably know I was lying.

🙂 Hope everyone is having a fabulous July.