TikTok (Mad Monday)

Well I have to admit [again] I haven’t been very productive as a writer lately; well not in a creative capacity.

I could blame it on the move after selling our fishing shack in Port Lavaca.

I can blame it on the new pups our daughter gave us.

I do blame it on a lot of things, heck the heat here in Texas by itself is an acceptable excuse [and I have lots of excuses] but the truth is…

in my spare time …

I’ve been TikTok’ing.

I know!!! Oh the shock!! The shame!!

I stay up late nearly every blasted night gobbling up this stuff like a big man eating biscuits and gravy.

Some of you know my TikTok account has been deleted more than once but I keep going back.

Hardheaded?? Opinionated? Determined?

All of the above.

But this time I am curbing my enthusiasm.

This time The Real Janna Hill has learned a lesson or two.

So hopefully TikTok won’t put me in time out or evict me again; after all my demeanor is milder now – not so anti ______ – not so confrontational – not so spicy.

Yeah I’m more like a lovely bowl of covert cold oatmeal – with an agenda nothing but optimism.

HaPpY Tuesday y’all.



From Getting Me Back (A Poem & A Picture by Me & of Me)

I cannot count the number of trips taken in that old station-wagon, but I do recall the passengers (nine, twelve and sometimes fifteen) packed liked sardines in a can; damp and smelly and filled with anticipation.

janna 1976

Looking back: It is like sitting in the third row seat of an old station wagon, staring ahead at the road behind you…

It is not enough to sit in the front seat and see where you were going – you didn’t know anyway. To understand how you got here you have to look at where you have been.

In that third row seat facing backwards you might be tempted to stare at the floorboard or the marks on your shoes or the stripes on the asphalt that never seem to end, but don’t. To understand you must look up, look back and accept the scenery for what it was.

When the pain and fury and fear rise up —  remember it is only a hill in the distance, you have already passed over. That queasy feeling in your stomach is no more than a sour memory.

I speak as if caressing scars and lament but what of the scars I have inflicted? Do I grieve for them? The answer is yes; indubitably yes.


Reminder: This is the last day Getting Me Back (The Voices Within) will be FREE  (April 18th through the 21st). It is also the last “A Poem & A Picture by Me & of Me” for this year’s NPM. You can do your happy dance now. 😉

Oh, and Clan Destiny (Unjustified Favor) Book 3 in the series is your complimentary title for April 21st -23rd. Have a super-fantastic read filled weekend and I’ll see you next week.

“Just Pose”

“The photo challenge this week is juxtaposition. To juxtapose… as in placing two or more things side by side but for creative reasons let’s really look for contrast.” That’s all I said…

See what happens when you ask for input in my house? You get puppies nestled in pockets, a monkey riding a bobcat and me hiding behind a bunch of balloons. Oh, I tossed in the photo of the bee but it’s an old shot. We’ll consider that juxtaposed to the new.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Reflections. One could go in so many (deeper) directions with this week’s photo challenge. I chose a few simple mirrored images.
You know I have become somewhat of a procrastinator and [once again] goofed off all weekend. So now it is Monday and everyone has gone back to their weekly grind leaving me without a proven assistant, someone to inspire me and offer suggestions. Oh sure I have plenty of insects and dying foliage but they don’t seem to speak to me at the moment. Was it something I said? I don’t know. Nevertheless I found a new assistant. He is young and inexperienced, a bit awkward and doesn’t take directions well but he works really cheap. I mean really, really cheap. After a few belly rubs and a dog biscuit I had him eating out of my hand, literally. And now without further ado I present to you the reflections of Mr. Clyde Kadiddlehopper.

"Calm down Clyde or you'll break the mirror."

“Calm down Clyde or you’ll break the mirror.”

"Now you both have a biscuit. Good boy."

“Now you both have a biscuit. Good boy.”

"I know you're a little apprehensive but..."

“I know you’re a little apprehensive but…”

"Ponder Clyde...  what does 'reflection' mean to you?"

“Ponder Clyde… what does ‘reflection’ mean to you?”

"It's okay you cracked the mirror. Cheer up -dogs aren't supposed to be superstitious."

“It’s okay you cracked the mirror. Cheer up -dogs aren’t supposed to be superstitious.”