A Poem & A Picture (Incognito)

Incognito (Your Eyes Disguised)

by Cagy Sly

Eyes disguised

Why do you care who I am?

What is it that makes you hide

the color of your eyes

in sky blue hydro-gel?

Combing smooth your tussled hair

striking up an odd conversation on the pet isle at Wal Mart

inquiring about the breed I am feeding.

Each look, each question — a motive

I comply, casually converse

knowing full well it has nothing to do with dogs

unless you plan to get past my pet?


You are frantic… governed by paranoia

I empathize

my own demons guarded , withering in chains

Why not introduce yourself

ask me outright

what you have spent so much effort to learn

I have no secrets

other than the fact that I know who you are

Fear not – I have a dungeon

full of mysteries

Tit for tat –

What do you see of me behind those tinted blue eyes?

Can you rest now?