#God Bless Texas (Thankful Thursday)

Corpus Christi (about 90 miles SW) reportedly came away with minor damage.

Rockport (about 50 miles SW) suffered major damage, Vice President Pence and Governor Greg Abbot visited today.

Houston (120 miles NE) was inundated with record amounts of rain and heart rending fatalities.

In my neck of the woods the city is in restoration; making progress with power, water and sanitation. Some homes and businesses will need to repair or rebuild, most piers are gone, shorelines and beaches have been permanently altered but our little fishing shack was spared with minimal damage. I am thankful.


I am also thankful for the outpouring support from so many wonderful people from all walks of life, counties and states.

We are staying in East Texas now but we’ll be heading south when the roads clear and the fuel panic simmers down. You know that fridge is stinking!

Hopefully we [too] will be able to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate.

For The Impact of Hurricane Harvey in Pictures visit The Stream

*(distance from our little place outside Port Lavaca TX.)