A Pilgrim’s Prayer

Technically it’s a holiday marking the feast given in thanks by the Puritans aka Pilgrims.

I didn’t really know any of those Pilgrims but I did see a few John Wayne movies. John knew a pilgrim when he saw one. He seemed to know a lot of pilgrims.

Okay, he may have been using the term in a different sense but I propose we are all pilgrims, each one of us on a journey of sorts looking for something. Be it a quest for self-confirmation, for truth, a cure, enrichment, comfort, a friend, a lover, a job, a meal or a place to lay our weary head at the end of another day.

Life is a journey, or at least it should be. I’d hate to think any of us were just flailing through the experience killing time on this giant floating gumball.

We all have one destination though we may travel many roads in getting there. Hopefully we will choose well, but probably not. When we do take a wrong turn [and we will from time to time] I pray that we have enough sense and humility to stop and ask for directions. Sense to know good from evil and who to trust. Humility to admit we took a wrong turn.

So here’s wishing all of you pilgrims a Happy Thanksgiving and may we all, whatever road we’re on, take the time to look ahead, pause and bow our head in thanks.

My personal prayer:
Thank you Father, The Creator of all things, for this day and all it holds. Thank you for the days past and Father forgive me for my wrong turns. Thank you for the day to come and guide me to make better choices. Thank you for all the persons in my life and the ones who read this prayer. And Thank You Father for the beacon that lights my way.
In Jesus name. Amen.