The Titmouse (A Poem & A Picture)

Q: Why The Titmouse by Ralph Waldo Emerson?

A: Because I have a few photos that need a home… and Titmouse’s are adorable.

Here was this atom in full breath,

Hurling defiance at vast death;

This scrap of valour just for play

Fronts the north-wind in waistcoat gray,

As if to shame my weak behaviour;

I greeted loud my little saviour,

‘You pet! what dost here? and what for?

In these woods, thy small Labrador,

At this pinch, wee San Salvador!

What fire burns in that little chest

So frolic, stout, and self-possest?

Henceforth I wear no stripe but thine;

Ashes and jet all hues outshine.

Why are not diamonds black and gray,

To ape thy dare-devil array?

And I affirm, the spacious North

Exists to draw thy virtue forth.

I think no virtue goes with size;

The reason of all cowardice

Is, that men are overgrown,

And, to be valiant, must come down

To the titmouse dimension.’


This was just a small snippet to accommodate my poor pictures. If you would like to read the poem in its entirety I borrowed it from Poem Hunter.

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