She Was… (A tribute to my Aunt)

She was… A giant spirit dwelling in a sassy petite frame and I once dreamed of being short like her.

She was… My first cab ride downtown because [though she was courageous] she never conquered her fear of driving.

She was… An angel who treated my first hangover like a bona fide sickness with tender mercy.

She was… The first to plant the seed in a young girl’s mind that one day she could be a writer and thirty five years later said “I told you so.”

She was… In my heart, a friend… a sister… a confidant and a mother

She was…  My Aunt Gloria

     ~~~And today my heart breaks for a spirit that will be so thoroughly missed~~~

Photo by SKG ~ The Last Trip to the Lake

Happy Birthday and R.I.P Gloria Ann  –  June 13, 1943 – June 13, 2012