Memorial Day – In Memory – Remember!

Remember lest we forget… Remember! Lest we take one sacrifice for granted. 🇺🇸

Taps is played on the bugle in the winter snow at Arlington National Cemetery

It’s time to go to bed little man
Cover up your head little man
I’ll see you when the sun breaks in the morn.

Say your prayers and close your eyes,
I’ve locked the monsters all outside,
She’d sang those words to him since he was born.

He grew to be a brave young lad
And followed after his ole dad
Beneath a flag of pride his oath was sworn.

They brought him home in silk lined wood,
And all around him soldiers stood,
While Butterfield’s Lullaby played on the horn.

It’s time to go ahead little man,
I know that you weren’t scared little man,
My heart breaks I can’t see you and I mourn.

I’ve said my prayers for your closed eyes,
I’ve tucked my feelings deep inside…
She sang into a folded flag of thorns.

Poem by Janna Hill.

🙏 peace and comfort for all whose loved one(s) paid the ultimate price. For the some that gave all.

Mad Monday. (I’m rooting for you, go Monday go!)



We Six Remained (from Getting Me Back)

If I should die before I wake…

Run little hamster,

I pray the Lord my soul to take

run as fast as you can.


Sister, did you see the man,

the one with the bloody stone?

Brother did you feel the pain,

when the bullet hit the bone?


Cousin did you smell the smoke,

did you lie so still and quiet?

Uncle did you hear him choke

as the flames rolled over Zion?


Father could you hear their screams,

do they haunt you late at night?

Mother did you see their dreams

before the dreadful plight?


A precious linctus to make me feel

Another to help me sleep

And if God can hear a dead man’s prayers,

I pray my soul to keep.


Now I lay me down to rest

among the torn and drained

where millions died beneath the crest

yet, we six remained.