Learning to Love Winter

I have never loved winter. The truth is I have hated her most of my life, I say her because she feels like a cold b*tch.  Sorry warm fuzzy lady friends but winter to me has been a bitter woman with a barren womb… a frustrated old spinster that has never shared an orgasm. She is an ugly gray witch with a huge wart on the end of her nose, or maybe it’s a mole…

Today however I have decided not to hate her. I actually made the decision yesterday but just now got around to sharing my ‘come to meeting’ with Mother Nature. You see we have been experiencing some warm sunny days in this part of Texas, warm enough to spark a storm (lord forgive me I do love a storm) and it was that very tempest that let me see the heart of winter.

I saw her weakness in the barren branches

Her sorrow in the ashen sky

Her longing for an absent lover

As lonely as the winter rye