Good Morning

Q: What does your morning look like?

A: My mornings consist of coffee (lots of coffee), a walk and being greeted by the most awesome guard dogs in the world. See how they saved me from that turkey in the background?

I wake the flowers up ‘good morning Morning Glory’ and forecast the weather by holding my wet thumb in the air. Sometimes I lick it, sometimes I let one of the dogs do it for me.

Today’s forecast: FABULOUS. It is cloudy and seventy degrees.  The wind is up, the temperature is down and there is a real honest to goodness cold front blowing in. 🙂

Gloomy skies are the perfect inspiration for dark stories so I had better get busy before the weather changes.  You know the old saying “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change.” “why lick your thumb if someone else will do it for you.”

Marching Into Spring

If the old folks in East Texas are right we will have another cold snap so don’t plant your tomatoes yet. I’m not in any hurry, after all we are just getting to the Ides of March and the Spring Equinox is still a week away. What does all of that mean? I could write about it but I’m afraid it would bore you straight to death and I don’t want to be listed on your death certificate as the official cause so how about I show you some pictures instead? Okay! Moving right along…