Scrapbooks & Culls

Did you know that scrapbooking is not the same as collecting culled items?  Well it’s not. So what am I supposed to do now with a junkyard collection of photographs? I know they’re snapshots only a mother could love and a professional photographer would never get so attached, but I didn’t claim to be professional. Did I? Dear me I hope not. I think my husband propagated that misconception; he’s always getting me into something. He doesn’t read this blog so it’s safe to make that statement.
Well, with the bride’s permission (and a promise to make her a character in a future story) I’m giving scrapbooking a whole new meaning. If word gets back to hubby and he doesn’t agree with my prior statement I have an entire scrapbook with his name on it. I just giggled to myself at the idea of all the pictures he thought got thrown away. 😀


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