How I met Maggie and Almost Killed Clara

I was wading in the surf on Matagorda beach one warm, sunny day exchanging dialogue with Clara.

I had known Clara for about ten years and I have to admit, conversing with her was like pulling teeth. I don’t want to say she was dull, but she was too quiet and a tad introverted. Don’t get me wrong, she is a lovely girl. She is smart and pretty and sweet and kind, but she was just too darn nice for the most part. Too calm, too reasonable, too… dull! There, I said it!

Anyway, as I was wading in the surf, dragging my feet (literally to scatter the sting rays) I was thinking how I might kill her. I know that must sound horrible, we had been comrades for so long, but she wearied me. Her unspoiled, hoity-toity, prim and proper, everything by the book personality made me want to send her sailing face down with the outgoing tide. I think she knew it (she has a sixth sense thing, you know) and I figured she wasn’t going to fight me. It wasn’t in her nature. I thought maybe she wanted to die?

I had mulled it over and finally come to terms with the decision when a perky little blonde came running down the beach waving and shouting,

“Hey y’all wait for me.”

Oh my lord, I thought, while trying to ignore the thin, tanned Mississippian’s approach. I quickly shoved Clara toward the incoming wave but her feet were planted too firmly — she didn’t budge, and to my surprise she pushed back!

“Do you know her?” I asked.

Clara shook her head slowly and replied, “No but you do. You met her on a trip to Biloxi once.”

I was speechless.

“Hey, I’m Maggie,” the lady smiled as she looked past me and held out her hand, “you must be Clara.”

I suppose it’s true that opposites attract. I watched Maggie come alive and in doing so she saved Clara.

*This is a story about a story. Clara and Maggie are safe and sound (for the most part) inside a fictional series.

Read about their meeting in Book 1

7 thoughts on “How I met Maggie and Almost Killed Clara

  1. Ok, I’m just a bit confused. If Clara didn’t know Maggie, how did she know that you knew her? If you told Clara about Maggie and Biloxi, why didn’t you know her? 🙂 Oh, and how did Maggie know Clara? I need some chocolate! 🙂


  2. Clara is psychic, she knows everything and can see memories we didn’t even know we had 😉 The more I think about it I suspect maybe SHE imposed the memory of Maggie to save her own character. How about a chocolate raspberry truffle? That was fun Roy. Thanks 🙂


  3. Oh! See I knew there was more to the story than meets the eye. Yes she must have done! Clara had a feeling of impending doom and projected that memory to Maggie. It was like a survival instinct thing. She was like a mother protecting her young.Oh she isn’t pregnant is she? I never refuse chocolate! 🙂


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