The Anole and I

Native Texans

I learned something new today. What I have always called a Chameleon is actually an Anole. Ah-know-lee, it sounds very French, doesn’t it? [Well kick me runnin’ I happen to know a little French]

The Anole

Tending the herb box


Fact: They change colors like the Chameleon but are more closely related to the Iguana. Très el strange`o as hell I know. I also know they consume pesky little insects but I did not know that Anoles eat snails! That definitely sounds French.

The Anole and I have a lot in common. Okay maybe just a couple of things because I’m not eating a damn snail- not willingly anyway. Well maybe if it were fried and crispy… or pureed and stirred into a fruit smoothie. Oops I just puked a little. Sorry. I’m sure the French word for puke would probably sound less vulgar. Heck if they can get people to devour something so slimy and creepy by calling it escargot surely they have an elegant word for puke.

Around here we’ll leave the eating of invertebrates to the Anole. The truth is the only thing we have in common is that we are both native Texans scrounging in the same box of dirt.

12 thoughts on “The Anole and I

  1. A lovely pet you have there Janna 🙂 A cute little fella!
    As for the supposedly elegant french word… Well, nope! Do not even THINK about hearing it…
    Happy Easter to you 🙂


  2. lol…this made my day today. I read it earlier but couldn’t get into WP. That little bugger has a really classy name 😉

    Have a Happy Easter.


    PS – Which of your books do you recommend reading first?…in order of ebook availability pls 🙂


    • Thanks Mary, now you’ve made my day. Anole does sound classy doesn’t it. Oh dear as far as e-book recommendations… The Rage Trilogy [novel], Door Number Four, Once Upon a Dead Gull & The Perpetual Series [shorts]. But note they are Adult rated (for Sex, Violence or Language). A cute short story rated G is The Peach Orchard Ogre and a younger YA maybe Espionage.
      May you & yours have a wonderful Easter.


      • I just found your reply. I went and ordered the ebook of your poems. Had a look at the sample and I liked it. It’s on my summer reading list now which I hope to finish reading before summer actually ends.


  3. well, i m going to write this. don’t know if it will take or not. i am not real good at this. but think you have a great time with your


  4. I always wondered what they are. i also thought they were small chameleons. Now I know. Anole are unique and beautiful. The first time we saw one in our garden, my son was really mesmerized by it. He was about 3 years old. Happy Easter!


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