The End of National Poetry Month (For Now)

April 30th is the last day of National Poetry Month and a fitting time to share Sara Teasdale’s I love You wouldn’t you agree? Sara Teasdale is said to be the first to receive the Pulitzer Prize Award for Poetry. She is known for her simplicity and (like too many others) her self-inflicted demise.

I Love You

by Sara Teasdale

When April bends above me

And finds me fast asleep,

Dust need not keep the secret

A live heart died to keep.


When April tells the thrushes,

The meadow-larks will know,

And pipe the three words lightly

To all the winds that blow.


Above his roof the swallows,

In notes like far-blown rain,

Will tell the little sparrow

Beside his window-pane.


O sparrow, little sparrow,

When I am fast asleep,

Then tell my love the secret

That I have died to keep.


4 thoughts on “The End of National Poetry Month (For Now)

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