Dabbling & Dibbles

Dabble: to fiddle, putter, experiment

Did you know that a significant number of the population does not consider writing a real job? You did? You knew that already? Well color me shocked and bubble busted when a sweet little old lady accused me of dabbling. Writing is real work by golly. True I have never broken a sweat over a keyboard but dabbling?

Admittedly it is easier than sorting sheets for a laundry company that services nursing homes. Yeah I did that for three whole days. That was a long time ago (a really, really long time ago) when the unemployment office would actually put you to work. I suppose in comparison it does look like I am dabbling.

Thinking back on those three days of sorting fecal stained linens I’ll take being called a dabbler. Heck. I will embrace it and laugh at it like a real country boy laughs at Earl Dibbles Jr.

9 thoughts on “Dabbling & Dibbles

  1. I may not need a haz-mat suit (yet), but I’m still doing laundry and all sorts of other laborious other duties at my house in addition to writing. It’s all work, and it’s all relative. Don’t sweat it.


  2. I’m sure that Earl is reading one of your books when he does his reading. 🙂 You a very good at dribbling and dabbling! I admire writers quite a bit. Especially when I’m struggling to write a 500 word blog post. It’s a lot more than just putting a bunch of words on some paper. Doing it well is very hard work.


  3. NOT A JOB?!?!?! CRIPES! When I was fourteen (how long ago was that?!) I started writing a story. I even remember the main characters’ names: Tracy and Jennifer. Funny, years later, my husband had an affair with a girl named Tracy (b-tch!) and my most – ah – disliked boss was named Jennifer. Ok, maybe not so funny. But what’s even less funny is I always thought I could write, but never got to ‘the end’. My friend, Gen, (cupcakepetrillo.wordpress.com) who just had a children’s book published not too long ago, says “a writer writes.” Sounds simple, right? Well, it ain’t! I tried. You go, girl. I know you work hard.


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