When Life Gives You Lemons…

Use them!

The weather in this region has been pretty sucky for the last few days as many roads are impassable due to ice. ICE, not snow. Snow is not sucky. I like snow. I can drive in it, heck I’ll even eat it but what we’ve got is not edible or drivable unless you’re just feeling wild and crazy. I must be getting old because I don’t feel so wild and crazy.

Not too long ago I would have gleefully tested my sliding skills on foot or behind the wheel and laughed at any mishap. Now I dare not chance it and worry about the kids making it home safely. Back in the day a power outage was an adventure; nowadays I fear the grandchildren won’t be warm enough…

🙂 Well the kids are nestled in their homes all fine and dandy [sigh] and their children are ‘snug as a bug in a rug’ so I can go about enjoying life’s lemons…

I’ll start with savoring Santa’s lemon apples with caramel dipping sauce. YUM!

apples (3) (1280x836)






We’ll turn the Christmas music on and decorate the tree

ornament rg&g









And sing along  Peanuts roasting on a cast iron stove…







And maybe I’ll tell Santa what a good boy he has been….



16 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Lemons…

  1. We have icy roads, too. Our road crews went home because they were tired. (I guess our project planners never heard of shift work.) We’re from the north (even though we’re in the south right now), we understand driving in bad weather (to a point, anyway) so when we went to church today, we DROVE. The other people on the road were going about 2 miles an hour and struggling. It’s a mess. I can’t wait for the sun to come out and help the road crews, because TPTB can’t figure things out here. I’m glad your family is safe and warm. My husband and kids are out shopping right now, and I’m watching the Steeler game and getting my blog post ready for tomorrow. Life goes on… Take care!


  2. Aw, I miss snow! I live in the south, and it’s too bloody hot down here for snow. It’s not Christmas without ice and the emergent need for hot chocolate or tea in order to save your extremities from freezing.

    Nothing says Merry Christmas like an amputation.

    Happy Holidays.


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