Ain’t Love Grand

Ain’t love grand? Sure it is but sometimes it’s not. It’s tattered and torn and embittered. Sometimes it’s so snarled and twisted it leaves nothing but ashes in its wake. Take it from Ishmael…

Roses From Ishmael is my gift to you.

HaPpY ValenTines DaY










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Love IS grand – until it ain’t. If you have a real love and a healthy relationship you should celebrate that every day. Don’t be the characters I write.

Roses From Ishmael was originally published in Once Upon a Dead Gull and later added to Short Stories & Such.

4 thoughts on “Ain’t Love Grand

    • Lol. I doubt you’re ‘slow’ Katie. It’s a bit convoluted with a little space for the readers imagination. Read it again when you have time. I’d love to hear what you think happened. 🙂


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