One Is Never Enough

I was recently introduced to this lovely poem written by “the people’s poet” with a question attached, “If you could ask Robert Service one question what would it be?”


By Robert William Service (January 16, 1874 – September 11, 1958)


I like to look at fishermen
And often times I wish
One would be lucky now and then
And catch a little fish.
I watch them statuesquely stand,
And at the water look;
But if they pull their float to land
It’s just to bait a hook.

I ponder the psychology
That roots them in their place;
And wonder at the calm I see
In ever angler’s face.
There is such patience in their eyes,
Beside the river’s brink;
And waiting for a bite or rise
I do not think they think.

Or else they are just gentle men,
Who love–they know not why,
Greeen grace of trees or water when
It wimples to the sky . . .
Sweet simple souls! As vain I watch
My heart to you is kind:
Most precious prize of all you catch,
–Just Peace of Mind.



My answer, “Is greeen really spelled with three e’s?”  (Apparently yes. You can see for yourself here, here and here.) And then I would insist he tell me about his most inspiring travels. One question is never enough.


What do ya think about that?

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