Little Man

Taps is played on the bugle in the winter snow at Arlington National Cemetery

It’s time to go to bed little man
Cover up your head little man
I’ll see you when the sun breaks in the morn

Say your prayers and close your eyes
I’ve locked the monsters all outside
She’d sang those words to him since he was born

He grew to be a brave young lad
And followed after his ole dad
Beneath a flag of pride his oath was sworn

They brought him home in silk lined wood
And all around him soldiers stood
While Butterfield’s Lullaby played on the horn

It’s time to go ahead little man
I know that you weren’t scared little man
My heart breaks I can’t see you and I mourn

I’ve said my prayers for your closed eyes
I’ve tucked my feelings deep inside
She sang into a folded flag of thorns

From Janna Hill’s “Interior Verse”




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