A Poem & A Picture (Being)




by Ale Pena

Running in the Rain (1024x735)


is the feeling of cool, April rain

dancing in your hair; seemingly weightless.


is the way shadows creep slowly in your eyes

when I ask you about belief.

Your retinas slowly expand,

slowly bloom like the firecrackers we watched explode

in a different season.

“Do you believe in God?” I asked.

You shake your head and

the droplets in your hair somehow fall, slip, break in light;

1000 rays of colors

being reflected,



as you answered:

“Sometimes I think God is in everything.”

I touched your wrist then and

felt the tendons of life moving only by a miracle

that cannot be explained by Math and Science,

whose seemingly useless scratches on paper

cannot begin to comprehend

the feeling of

your heavy arm and your dense Being;

your pulse pumping through every crevice;

or how every vein in your body

forms a map of Existence.

The motion of your hand is a work of Art,

vibrant and alive; a Masterpiece,

Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

I then felt your spirit,

somehow thunderous,

somehow booming,

loud; pulsing through me.

Every nerve alive:

a Universe inside me; inside Us,

together: one.

Moving forward

is a heartfelt release shaking our very core.

You closed your eyes and exhaled.

In and out: the sound of your breathing body from the exhilaration of finding

truth and faith.

We sit in the God-rain and become free.


Ale Pena was 1st place winner of the 2014Teen Poetry Contest sponsored by inForney.com

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