3 thoughts on “Write Your Own (A Poem & A Picture)

  1. Don’t know if we’re supposed to post our poem here, but I will. Love this picture!


    Late afternoon in the valley, the trees
    wear halos. Then twilight steals the sun,
    kitchen lights blink on like stars,
    and coming home is a sigh
    and the smile of someone waiting.
    Your day is told in half sentences
    and nods and questions answered —
    nothing new, but new enough to tell again.
    After supper, after gin rummy and pages
    turning and the rhythmic click of a sweater
    growing row by row, bed greets you
    like a childhood friend and sleep
    keeps company with the blue black sky
    and the owl’s whispered flight.

    -Sarah Russell

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  2. I hadn’t thought about it but I appreciate your responding to the prompt here Sarah. I love your take on the picture too. I feel like I could walk right into the photograph with your words. Thanks!

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