Thankful Thursday (Auction Update Q & A)

Sooo …

The top bid for the painting so far is $100 in the form of gift cards and the painting to be donated to any person or institute we choose. Stop laughing  😉 Hey people can use gift cards especially to places like Wal Mart and Home Depot, so I am thankful for the offer.

There have been a few questions and rightfully so. This one I will answer here:

Q: “Are you trying to raise money for yourself?”

A: No.

A month ago I posted another Thankful Thursday, thankful our little fishing shack had been spared with minimal damage, so no, the proceeds are not for our benefit.

Last week I posted photos of [just some] of the devastation we witnessed mostly in Rockport, a community still struggling. Our little place is essentially a second home; the people I want to help lost their only home!

I realize many people along the entire Gulf Coast of the USA need assistance. I also see the tragedy in Mexico, Puerto Rico and the other islands affected but Rockport doesn’t seem to be getting much attention or government aid so that community is where my heart is focused at the moment.

Another question I will answer here:

Q: “Why don’t you just donate your own money?”

A: I have. And I have delivered a few care packages. The problem is I have bills and a budget and printing counterfeit money is against the law. :/

A sincere thank you to the ones bidding, liking and sharing this post.

Bless the ones pouring their own money, blood, sweat and tears into helping their fellowman.

Maybe some of you would like to help Rockport-Fulton aka Rockport directly. That would be awesome!

The bidding ends tomorrow, September 29th at 5 PM.

Frame is a digital addition and not part of the portrait.

What do ya think about that?

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