Celebrating More than His Music

As you all know Tom Petty died Monday.

I was going through my playlist and realized his music was more than just music for me. (Hang on while I get a tissue)

Snort.  Honk.  Sigh.

I sat up late last night burning through my hard-drive and YouTube videos– singing along and remembering…

So many memories were made with Tom Petty doing his thing in the background.

The song that strums my heart strings even this morning and makes me have to blow my nose [again] is Built to Last. It is not in the top ranks of his repertoire but… sniff, sniff.. 

I can’t tell you how many times the husband and I have drank to it, danced [our own dance] by the water and watched the sun go down to the beat of that tune.

sunset on the water (4)

Each time the song subtly reminded me that I … that we are in this for the long run… that we are built to last.

So here’s to you honey: animated-gifs-drinks-068 You don’t have to say anything — I know you’re there.

Here’s to us: animated-gifs-drinks-061    and to sunsets and Tom Petty – all things I love more than I knew.

Into the softness of the night (1024x683)


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