Love Is… So Many Things

My initial plan was to post a Wordless Wednesday “Love Is” … with a photo of the hubby painting my toenails . That is pretty darn special but it was the least he could do after making fun of my feet back when, Ha!




But I could not stay quiet.

Love is…  So many things.

I love that my baby girl and I will be in Massachusetts Thursday. YEEE.  [I do not care that she is 30+ years old — she’s baby girl.]  We will be in the Boston area, Salem and Magog Canada for a day. Unless we get drunk in Boston or hung by our necks until dead or burned at the stake in Salem…

Oh poo, they never recognized a real witch anyway. So, drunk is the only thing we will be concerned about.

Of course hubby wants to know the reason for this trip.

Well, I am getting too fat to run the beaches half naked AND it is Nurses Week and Mother’s day is Sunday so…

Happy Nurses Week and Mother’s Day to us!! You gotta love that!

These adventures are stories in the making folks.

At some point I’ll even settle down and start creating tales again — right now I am living them…. Just living out loud and flinging cake against the wall.

By the way if you don’t hear from me in the near future look for me at Halloween I’ll be the bitch witch seeking revenge. 😉

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