Let the Good Times Roll

Remember the Summer Blowout sale we did in August?

I can’t believe how much my hair has grown and changed since then. (I’ll share pics when we get back from vacay.) Nor can I believe ‘somebody’ failed to inform Google of an end date for the sale so guess what?

Yep! All of the titles are still at crazy low prices. How low, you ask? So low it’s a good thing the awesome daughter is picking up the tab for the cruise.

Oh well, let the good times roll and Happy Fall Y’all.

HEADER Book google books.jpg

Fall in love with reading Happy Fall Y'all.jpg

TBT (Summer Blowout)

Summer Blowout

Throw Back Thursday just became Rollback Thursday.

Remember (fifty or 100 years ago) when you could buy books for .25¢ to .99¢

Well we’ve partnered with Google Books/Google Play so you can throw it back to the good ole days.

When the chief suggested these penny sales (I’m talking 25¢, 33¢, 49¢, 54¢, 78¢ and 99¢ books) I was like, Whoa. I don’t think you can do that.





When he assured me we could indeed, I was quite amused.





So it appears we are slashing prices and doing away with dollar$ for the entire month of August. I know it’s cRaZy but it also makes cents.











Now if Starbucks would follow suit…