TBT (Summer Blowout)

Summer Blowout

Throw Back Thursday just became Rollback Thursday.

Remember (fifty or 100 years ago) when you could buy books for .25¢ to .99¢

Well we’ve partnered with Google Books/Google Play so you can throw it back to the good ole days.

When the chief suggested these penny sales (I’m talking 25¢, 33¢, 49¢, 54¢, 78¢ and 99¢ books) I was like, Whoa. I don’t think you can do that.





When he assured me we could indeed, I was quite amused.





So it appears we are slashing prices and doing away with dollar$ for the entire month of August. I know it’s cRaZy but it also makes cents.











Now if Starbucks would follow suit…



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