Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

I took this photo last week while at Magnolia beach in Indianola Texas. The birdwalk here appears to be abandoned with vegetation creeping up the planks. That doesn’t necessarily mean it has been, vegetation takes over in a hurry in this area. In case you’ve never heard of a birdwalk it’s like a  boardwalk designated to bird watching. I enjoy watching birds but I barely know a laughing gull from a brown pelican.

Anyway this is my submission for the weekly photo challenge  Near and Far.

Abandoned Birdwalk

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

  1. I like this interpretation of the subject. In every shot (except macro??) there is likely something to be “near and far” however, you have a distinct subject in the “near” and…a mysterious, unknown, subject in the “far” that makes me want to move in that direction. I think this is my favorite of this category 🙂


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