Thank You WordPress. That Will Be All For Now

It may be shameful but I use WordPress as my personal messenger.  Yep, once I hit publish this will go to twitter and Facebook and I’ll go on to bed or maybe I’ll play Zuma 🙂

Here WP, go tell the folks at twitter and Facebook that I have updated the news section of my author’s website. Apologize for my neglect in promoting the Goodreads giveaway of Unjustified Favor that ends on October 30th. Tell them The Rage Trilogy  is on sale via Nook or Kindle and mention that all of my Amazon Author profiles are complete.

They’re lousy tippers so don’t spend any time over there just tell them to check the News & Reviews section. Hurry up, it’s nearly midnight. That will be all for now.

2 thoughts on “Thank You WordPress. That Will Be All For Now

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