Move Over Rover – Bon Appitite

Give the dog that TV dinner. You don’t want it anyway. It’s loaded with sodium, tastes like cardboard and has little to no nutritional value. And that stuff you were going to give your furry friend, heat it up and save it for yourself. It is not only good it is good for you. Well, at least it’s better than the TV dinner AND it is cheaper.

Just add a little salt and pepper, dump it over some instant rice and ring that dinner bell.

Heck I might be the next Julia Child 🙂

Move Over Rover – Bon Appitite

6 thoughts on “Move Over Rover – Bon Appitite

  1. I can totally relate! I do eat can food when I’m craving for it. Pork and beans, corned beef, even clam chowder. My all time favorite? Don’t laugh but it’s Spam! Goes well with eggs and hot rice. People who haven’t tasted it don’t know what they are missing. In Hawaii, there’s spam sushi even….the can came a long , long way. Have a great day!


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