Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Geometry and Grandchildren.

The youngest grandson stayed with us over the weekend…

by himself…

There were no cousins to sword fight, wrestle with or act as the other meat eating dinosaur. It was only me and his Papa to contend with his six year old imagination.

When he grew bored with his grandfather it was up to me, the Disney channel or his PSP to amuse him. Hmm…

I said, “hey how about a geometric journey- you like to take pictures don’t you?”

He of course was thrilled with the idea snapping the camera at anything that had a line, an angle or might be used in measure.

Six year olds are really intelligent creatures. Give them a definition in terms they can understand (don’t call it learning) and watch them grow go.

This weeks photo challenge is geometry. We took over one hundred shots and settled on two.

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