How to Break into Indie Publishing… One Woman’s Journey

When interactions turn into interviews. If you don’t already know Staci I’d like to introduce her. She is an Italian weight lifter with a Master’s Degree in writing but don’t let that scare you.

Staci Troilo

Janna HillIn my last post of 2012, “The Year in Review,” fellow author and blogger Janna Hill commented that 2012 was a journey for her because it was her first year as an indie author. You know me, I’m always interested in hearing about someone else’s path. I immediately asked her if she’d share her story with me (and you). Despite being sick with the flu, she took a few minutes to answer some questions about her road to independent publishing.

You’re blog’s main focus is photography. Can you talk about how you became a writer? 

Whew! I thought you were going to ask me to talk about photography. How I became a writer requires digging into the memory archives. Let’s see… like most writers I have always written although I was probably 22 years old before I wrote anything for the ‘public’ eye. My debut came as a…

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6 thoughts on “How to Break into Indie Publishing… One Woman’s Journey

  1. You are an inspiration my friend. This struck me, “When I reached the age of 50, I had an epiphany and I called myself a writer. Getting older has its rewards.” Indeed it does and I hope people will see sooner their gifts and share it to the world with courage. We live only once, might as well lived it to the fullest. Happy New Year.


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