Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

What’s Up?

The cost of living, this week’s photo challenge, hot air balloons and floating babies…

A shot of the latter two would have been nice but all I got was a Corn-snake with a belly full of Mud Martins.

I might have been dreaming about hot air balloons surrounded by cherubs when someone apparently looked up and the commotion started. I rose from my place of leisure and watched as everyone headed toward the excitement. “Get the tongs and steady the ladder. There’s a snake up here along the rafter.”

I (of course) grabbed a camera and the rest is pictures.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

  1. Hello! I found my way here because you popped by on my blog and left me your visiting card… Glad to meet you, and great blog 🙂 We have a corn snake, her name is Speedy. She’s never eaten a mud martin before, whatever that is.


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