Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting


We went fishing Saturday and my oh my how the time flew by.

Okay the truth is the guys fished while we (my granddaughter and moi) took pictures. We of course caught a lot more of what we were after. As a matter of fact the two of us snagged nearly two hundred shots yet three men with six tackle boxes and four rods couldn’t catch a single fish! Not even a catfish! In a lake as large as Tawakoni that takes some real lack of skill. 😉

My husband says I shouldn’t poke fun being as I have a serious case of lack-a-jerk. True, the fish are usually too fast for me but a desperate fisherman resorting to the ritual of the frog dive, that I can catch.


The dive left the fish laughing so hard they couldn’t bite. Have you ever tried to laugh and eat at the same time? It is hard to do. It is hard being a fish, I understand these things. It’s also illegal to be on the water at night without the proper lights (which we had left in the truck) so we turned starboard heading to shore and watched the sun set on another beautiful day… another fleeting moment in time.

See how time flies…

How time flies

How time flies

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

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  2. This photos rock! You did a great job of reelin’ it in. Too bad the guys didn’t. 😦
    The sunsets are so beautiful. What a fabulous ending to a fun, fleeting day. 🙂


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