Let’s Talk Turkey

I was taking a walk with Whiskey (the eight month old German Shepherd I inherited) and came upon a flock of these feathered non-smack talking birds and just wondered…

Does anyone say ‘jive turkey’ anymore?

Why is a ‘turkey’ considered dumb? Have you ever hunted turkey?  Most game hunters will tell you those dull [seemingly dim witted] birds are really quite clever.

If a turkey is a dummy and a jive turkey is someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about why do people say “let’s talk turkey” when they want a serious discussion?

Hmmm. All of this turkey talk has made me hungry. Enjoy the pictures, I’m going to make myself a sandwich.

9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Turkey

  1. They are smarter than we think. I remember how scared I was as a kid whenever turkeys chase me and my sisters whenever we visited our aunt. All creatures have something uniquely amazing about them that …including turkeys. Great images!


  2. Another meaning. ~ Let’s discuss business. I have fond memories of my Dad and Uncle talking like this to each other and they were funny and smart; so-o-o-o-o here is my version. Not for the sensitive. letstalkjiveturkey.blogspot.com


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